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"The Bed Wetter Boarder"


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"The Bed Wetter Boarder"

"The Bed Wetter Boarder"

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63 minutes playing time
Featuring Suchin and Wendy

Full length movie - A feast of wet panties, diapers and pads

Suchin is a girl responding to an ad looking for a boarder; however, she is still a nightly bed wetter and prone to daytime accidents who is finally moving out of her parentís home after a lifetime of a strict upbringing.
Wendy is a single woman looking for a boarder; she has no idea of any of Suchinís history but after the initial, surprising meeting, comes to see Suchin as the daughter she never had and very much the ideal boarder. Wendy herself is a bed wetter who has daytime accidents.
Loads of diaper and incontinence pad changes
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